Fire and Smoke

If you face this hardship, we will get you back on track

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Our Focus on Mitigation Speeds Recovery and Reduces Costs

It's hard to imagine anything more traumatizing then a fire in your home. Even a small fire can cause extensive damage and threaten your family's sense of security. An emergency response by Action Restoration & Cleaning's knowledgeable and caring staff is the first step towards putting your life back together.

Emergency Services

Upon arrival, our team will secure your home and then focus on preventing any further damage. An inventory may be prepared and your contents carefully removed to a controlled environment for storage.

Saving Precious Items

Restoration methods today can save many building components and valuable personal items. Even if damage looks severe, items can frequently be brought back to pre-loss condition. From furniture to appliances, computers to family heirlooms, Action Restoration & Cleaning has developed methods to successfully restore your personal belongings instead of replacing them.

Rebuilding Your Home or Business

Rebuilding part of your home or business instead of constructing one from the ground up is a very different skill-set. Building materials, design and finishes all have to be matched to the remaining structure. Smoke odor must be neutralized in all remaining building components. Action Restoration & Cleaning will be with you every step of the way to ensure your fire or smoke damaged home or business is repaired to its pre-loss condition.

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