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Water Damage Restoration

Immediate Response is Key

Water damage is caused by a wide variety of sources including flooding, plumbing and appliance failures, roof leaks, etc. The harmful effects of water are sharply reduced by prompt and effective intervention, especially within the first 24-48 hours. Wet buildings must be rapidly dried to prevent the significant health risks and liability of secondary damage such as mold and damage to structural elements and contents.

An immediate emergency response by Action Restoration & Property Services will quickly stabilize your property and mitigate damage. Action Restoration & Property Services responds to and mitigates all types of property losses including water damage in Northern Colorado. As a property owner or manager, you'll benefit from our higher level of expertise.

Fast Response When You Need Us

Regardless of the source, we dry water losses fast. We're on the scene in no more than two hours after the initial call, with highly-trained, certified technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and a dedication to getting things back to normal as soon as possible.

Applied Structural Drying Certified

We understand that mitigation is not complete unless all elements of the structure are truly dry. Our ASD certification insures that we have the technical expertise to leave properties completely dry to eliminate secondary damage such as mold and structural damage.

Specialized Expertise

Action Restoration & Property Services offers a variety of drying methods and systems so we can utilize the best drying system for the loss. You can rely on Action Restoration & Property Services to know which method of drying will be best suited for your situation. Our experience, on-going education and training program and our broad range of drying tools and equipment allow us to dry any loss as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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