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Categories of Water Damage

Category 1 - Clean Water

  • Hot water tank burst
  • Toilet tank burst/rupture
  • Water supply line rupture
  • Washing machine line break

Category 2 - Grey Water

Discharged Water From:

  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Toilet bowl with urine only

Category 2 includes water damage (Category 1) that has not been cleaned up after 24 hours.

Category 3 - Black Water

  • Sewage-Water/contaminates from toilet trap.
  • Any type of sewage back-up.
  • Category 1 greater than 48 hrs from loss

Category 3 includes water damage (Category 1 and 2) that has not been cleaned up after 48 hours.

Understanding the Categories of Water Damage: A Comprehensive Guide

Any home or business can have serious and surprising water damage. Knowing the different types of water damage is important for managing and fixing the damage. This problem is often hard to understand, but here is an easy guide to help you.

Category 1 involves "Clean Water" damage, typically resulting from sources like burst water tanks or broken supply lines. This type is the least harmful as it contains no toxins.

Moving on to Category 2, known as "Grey Water," this category includes water that has been used and may contain contaminants. Common sources are dishwashers or washing machines. It's important to address these issues quickly before they degrade into more hazardous conditions.

The worst kind, known as Category 3 or "Black Water," is very tainted water that can be very dangerous to human health, including sewage backup water. It needs expert help right now to manage these circumstances safely.

Understanding the categories of water damage is vital for prompt and effective restoration. Whether dealing with clean, grey, or black water damage, quick action can prevent further complications. For professional assistance and more detailed information on how to address and prevent water damage in your property, connect with us today. Let's ensure your space is safe and restored to its best condition!