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Action Restoration & Property Services Gives You a Competitive Edge!

In an increasing competitive marketplace, any edge can mean the difference between growing and stagnating - or worse. Action Restoration & Property Services gives you an extra edge that can create a solid bond between you and your policyholder.

Ensuring Happy Clients Will Help Build Your Business

Property losses are traumatic events. When they happen, your policyholders depend on their policies - and on you - to help them through. Be ready when they need you by referring them to Action Restoration & Property Services, a reliable, expert restoration contractor that makes customer care a top priority. When Action Restoration & Property Services is finished, you'll have happy policyholders who not only will renew year after year, but will refer business, too!

Immediate Response 24/7

Action Restoration & Property Services provides immediate response 24/7. A member of our team will contact the property owner within ten minutes of the initial call, and will do our best to be on-site within 60 minutes.

Restoring the Property, Caring for the Owner

We restore property but also peace of mind by offering the property owner a detailed understanding of the restoration process. We treat every customer as if they were a member of our own family.

Your Clients Are Our Clients

When you refer our company and allow us into your policyholders' homes or businesses, protecting and improving your relationship with your clients is foremost in our mind. Our job is not only to restore the property but to insure that our interaction with your valuable clients is a positive reflection on you!

Certified Technicians on Every Job

Each loss is handled according to industry certification protocols and best practices by having an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified technician on every loss.

Comprehensive Documentation and Communication

Action Restoration & Property Services coordinates all aspects of the loss and provides comprehensive documentation to demonstrate that all work is done thoroughly and completely. And most importantly, we will communicate, communicate, communicate to ensure all parties are informed and up to speed on all aspects of the project.

Contact us today to learn how we take care of the property and your policyholders!