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How to Choose a Water Restoration Company You Can Trust

You’ve got choices for water damage restoration in Fort Collins. Trust the team with the best track record and will treat you and your home with respect. Call us now!

When it comes to your home and your bank account, you are understandably guarded — as well you should be! When your home has suffered water damage, the frustration of the damage and restoration process can be overwhelming enough, and running the risk of placing your trust in the wrong water restoration company only serves to compound your duress. In today’s post, we let you in on a few industry clues that you’ve selected a team you can trust.

Reputable Local References and Stellar Reviews

Customers don’t lie. It is true that people are twice as likely to leave a bad review for sub-par service than they are to leave a good review. So, it stands to reason that a company that has stellar reviews is likely one that left such an impact or offered much more than what was expected to elicit a review at all. When you’re researching local water restoration companies, check out their online reviews and look for trends and specific details. You can search on Google, social media, and the Better Business Bureau. If you personally know someone who’s used the company before, ask about their experience to see what they say.

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Details An Action Plan

Professionals in their craft are able to talk you through every step of the process and easily detail exactly what they intend to do for your property. A trusted water restoration company will happily explain their plan and lay out a realistic timeline and budget for you, and discuss your concerns or answer questions. Be wary of any company that offers vague insight or beats around the bush in regards to the steps they plan to take, timeline, or pricing.

Is Licensed and Insured

Licensing ensures that the water restoration company is qualified and certified to work on your home. This allows you to rest assured that there is a regulatory agency that has blessed off on their training, equipment, and procedures. An insured company means they care about the safety and wellbeing of their employees and the homes they are working on. An insured water damage restoration company reduces your liability and puts your mind at ease.

They Offer Transparent Quotes (and, Honor Them!)

Any reputable company, water damage notwithstanding, will offer fair and transparent estimates, and honor them. Companies that charge by the job and not the hour are often more trustworthy than companies that offer a vague timeframe with unclear price structures. A trustworthy company will communicate consistently and update you if there is any potential update to the original quoted price or work that needs to be completed, offering you options and willing to negotiate based on what’s in your best interest and budget.

Their Customer Service is as Good as Their Restoration Skills

There are a lot of general contractors that could likely get the job done, but anyone who does not respect you or your home is not to be trusted with the care or repair of your property. You’ve got options when it comes to water damage restoration companies in Fort Collins and the surrounding Front Range area, so why settle?

At Action Restoration and Property Services, we offer a wide range of residential damage inspection, repair, and restoration services with the skill and expertise you desire. We are locals and proud of our unparalleled reputation based on a long history of superior customer service and expert craftsmanship. If your home has sustained water damage, don’t delay in connecting with us! Call our 24-hour damage experts now.

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