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Planning Ahead for Storm Damage - Part Two

We continue the discussion on how to plan ahead for an impending storm to minimize damage and keep you and your family safe.

Welcome back to our two-part series on storm damage planning and recovery. In part one we discussed routine house and property maintenance as a prevention technique as well as having an emergency preparedness plan in place before disaster strikes. In today’s post, we will continue the discussion on how to plan ahead for an impending storm to minimize damage and keep you and your family safe.

Take Specific Storm Precautions

When the weatherman warns of impending storms, you can take heed and implement storm-specific measures for whatever is coming our way. For instance, in the event of a tornado presence, you can bunker down in a safe shelter or stay centrally located in your home. For freezes, make sure you disconnect all outside hoses and blow out your sprinklers. If your pipes aren’t insulated, drip the faucets to prevent plumbing leaks. For hail, shut any shutters you have and ensure your roof is in tip-top shape.

Check Your Insurance

It’s a good idea to check out what your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance to see what is covered and what coverage you may need to add before the storm hits. Knowing that hail and torrential rain are headed your way, you may want to verify that your roof is protected. If a major storm hits, you will most likely have to put in an insurance claim after the dust settles. It's good to know what your insurance policy already covers, what it will cover, and not cover so that you can be prepared for the potential expense of a storm and change your policy coverage if warranted.

Save Our Number

For any event that may require home repairs and emergency restoration, keep Action Restoration and Property Services number stored in your phone! We are proud to be your local family-owned and operated restoration company serving all of the Front Range and beyond. If you only sustained minor damage and leaking as a result of the storm, call us for an inspection to ensure there is no invisible mold or sub-surface damage. If we do end up doing work on your home, we can work with you and your property insurance holder to get you the least out-of-pocket expenses possible. We are happy to be a part of your storm recovery plan and can help guide you if you feel a little lost when damage is sustained.

At Action Restoration and Property Services, we’ve been helping the residents and business owners of Fort Collins and the surrounding communities including Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, and Timnath recover from disaster since 2003. Our family-operated restoration company operates as though we are your trusted neighbors (because we are!), rooted in integrity with communication and customer services as our cornerstones. For service you can count on and technicians you can trust, give our team a call today!