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Mold Damage Prevention Tips

Action mold experts discuss some mold prevention tips that will help you keep it out of your home and avoid using our mold removal services.

Mold is an incredibly opportunistic organism that happily takes up root in ANY dark, damp place. Unlike other microorganisms, the infestation doesn’t need much to start and survive and readily spreads at the speed of light. Once mold takes hold, it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of and, while you’re battling it, it is reproducing and feeding on any organic material it lands on. Because most home and building materials are made of organic matter — wood, fibers, etc. — mold easily spreads from the original point of moisture to as much of your home as it can, destroying the integrity of your home and causing illness along the way.

At Action Restoration and Property Services, we are here to help families recover from mold infestation and mitigate as much damage as possible, so most of our posts focus on mold damage recovery and restoration. In today’s post, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss some mold prevention tips that will help you keep it out of your home and avoid using our services. If it’s too late and you’re looking us up because you already have a mold problem or suspect a mold infestation, connect with us to book your inspection today.

Fix Leaks Immediately

Out of sight, out of mind is not an adage that works with leaks. Moisture behind the scenes or that does not accumulate into a puddle is still a huge problem. Water leaks or drips behind walls or cabinets are doing so much “silent” damage that may end up doing more damage that the visible running water. Dark, damp areas inside your cupboards, in your walls, or in the floors are prime real estate for hungry mold spores. If you know of a leak, even if it’s just a drip, it’s important to address it and correct it immediately.


Dry Out Floods Properly

In the event of a minor spill or rain flood, it’s easy to sop up the puddles and move on with life when the surface is dry. However, if water had the opportunity to saturate the floorboards or soak the walls, you’ll need to ensure all layers are thoroughly dry before relaxing. At Action Restoration and Property Services, we specialize in deep structural drying and mold detection and are able to safely mitigate most mold issues. If you feel fully confident that you don’t need our help, but need the deep drying of our professional dryers, we rent them to home and business owners.

Trust the Mold Experts

If you have any concerns about potential mold growth, never hesitate to connect with the mold professionals at Action Restoration and Property Services. We can walk you through the signs you may have a mold problem and diagnose any issues. We offer the solutions to eliminate a mold problem and the tools to help you prevent mold growth. For your inspection and custom quote, connect with one of our friendly representatives today!