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How Professional Water Damage Restoration Impacts Your Home Value

Review how water damage restoration impacts your home value and resale potential and how Action Restoration & Property Services can help.

One of the biggest threats facing homes, in terms of costly damage and reduced valuation, is water damage. Whether from a flash flood, a burst water line, or a damaged roof, water damage is a valid fear for any homeowner and homebuyer alike. The unfortunate truth, however, is that 37% of homes will suffer water damage at some point and 98% of residential basements will sustain some sort of water issue over the lifetime of the house. The best water damage mitigation is prevention, but when it does happen, the best way to protect your house and your home’s value is to enlist professional water damage restoration services. In today’s post, we’ll review how water damage restoration impacts your home value and resale potential.

Repairs Done Right

One of the most impactful benefits of professional water damage repair is a job done right. The skills, tools, and guarantees that are provided by a local, reputable water damage repair company like Action Restoration & Property Services quell any doubts about repair integrity. When homeowners attempt a DIY water damage restoration, there’s no guarantee that it was done correctly, and can negatively impact home inspection valuations and overall home value. When you enlist professional services, you’ll get documentation and a post-inspection that leaves no room for doubt, which offers peace of mind to you and inspectors.

Reduce Future Damage

When water damage occurs in a residential home, the first step taken is to identify the root cause of the water damage and stop it. Once the water is removed, repairs and restorations begin with correcting the original issue. For instance, if a water pipe, faulty roof, or cracked foundation were to blame, the issue will be corrected to prevent future issues. Having these problem areas fixed can increase the value of your home and offer a selling point for homes on the market — new roof, repaired plumbing, etc. Additionally, you or a home buyer can rest assured that the problems have already been identified and repaired, reducing the chances of future issues.

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Home Improvement & Upgrade

If water damage repair and restoration is completed correctly, it can actually increase the value of your home by implementing the most current materials and techniques to improve structural integrity and offer an upgrade. If water damage requires floors to be replaced, for instance, the new floors that are laid can improve your home’s overall value. If you’re listing your house for sale, you can boast about recent upgrades and improvements that were completed professionally.

Negotiation Benefits

Homes that have sustained water damage that was not repaired at all or was not repaired professionally are harder to sell and often sell for much less than the house is worth or the seller listing price. The home buyer knows that it will cost them a pretty penny to make the repairs and it is not likely that their homeowner's insurance will help for damage sustained before they owned the home, and will request these costs to be taken out of the purchase price. If you invest in professional water damage restoration, you can assert your asking price and use the repairs as a bargaining chip in negotiations.

At Action Restoration, we understand that many homeowners don’t have money set aside to make water damage repairs, but we are here to help. We are proficient at working with homeowners insurance companies and offer payment options that work for you. Don’t attempt DIY water repairs or ignore the hidden problems to save money now. Let our water damage repair professionals restore your home to better than before the damage occurred and improve the value of your house. Connect with us for your inspection and estimate today!

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